Meet the Johnson Family

Meet the Johnson Family!

Please list which family members are in which type of school environment:

Josh and Allie Johnson, 4 kiddos

Please list which family members are in which type of school environment:

C, J, and P are in a private remote learning hybrid school environment called Hope Christian Academy. 

Please share your current model of schooling and some of the reasons why you chose it:

We chose a school that provides the classroom setting three times per week and remote learning at home two times per week.  We chose this for several reasons. One, we wanted to be more involved and hands on with our kid’s education. I wanted my kids to love to learn; I place a very high value on academics and love of educating oneself.  This is a great school in that regard. I also wanted to work more one on one with my kids than they would get in a five day a week classroom setting. One of my children needs more help with fine and gross motor skills, and the remote learning days affords me the opportunity to give extra attention to these areas.  I also didn’t want to be the children’s primary teacher. In our school each grade has a primary teacher where they instruct and teach. Then my job on the remote learning days is to review and reinforce what has already been taught. I also love that our school has specials such as music, PE, spanish, as well as all the extra curricular activities after school like sports club, art club, running club.

Why do you feel this model of schooling best meets the needs of your children? How have you seen them grow and thrive in these environments?

It has been truly amazing. My kids get to spend more time with their siblings so they have to work out those relationships without “getting a break” from each other quite as often as a five day a week classroom setting.  They are learning to take charge of their education while I am at their side – this is good because it’s helping them own their education. It also gives room for different learning styles.

How do you feel living in Arizona and the school options you have in Arizona have helped your children in their academic and life pursuits?

I love how many options we have. While it can initially feel overwhelming, it also affords a parent the opportunity to truly choose what is in the child’s best interest.  One of my children is extremely smart and talented. However this child can sometimes seem to lack attention because they are not always giving eye contact. In a regular five day a week classroom setting I fear they would be left behind or get in trouble for behavior issues.  The teachers and the parents work together to meet the student’s needs and help them grow to their full potential. I also love that there isn’t a lot of homework each night so they are able to pursue sports and music outside of academics.

What do you love the most about your current school environment for your kids? What advice do you have for other families considering this option?

Join us!! This has been such an incredible gift to our family. We can’t say enough great things about the community, the academics, the teachers and the spirit they bring to the school.  It is a perfect blend.