The Schoenbach Family

Meet the Schoenbach Family!

Please list which family members are in which type of school environment (public, private, homeschool, ESA)

Olivia freshman Private. Grace 8th grade homeschool. Madi 5th grade homschool. Ram Kindergarten Private.

Please share your current model of schooling and some of the reasons why you chose it:

We have chosen homeschool and private school due to the different needs of our children.

Why do you feel this model of schooling best meets the needs of your children? How have you seen them grow and thrive in these environments?

Each year we revisit how are kids are doing in school, their weaknesses and their strengths, and at that point we decide what would best suit our child’s need for the following year. It has been so nice to be able to cater to their needs and watch them grow. It has removed a lot of unnecessary stress to make this decision each year.

How do you feel living in Arizona and the school options you have in Arizona have helped your children in their academic and life pursuits?

Having school options has been so important to our family and because each year has looked a little different for us. If we had not had the options that Arizona offers I am pretty sure there would have been a lot of stress and tears. Education can be challenging, but putting a child in the wrong environment could be detrimental to the child.

What do you love the most about your current school environment for your kids? What advice do you have for other families considering this option?

Because we are in two different environments we have been able to watch our kids excel! We have avoided being forced to put them in an environment we feel would not be fitting for them. We believe this flexibility has set them up for success!

Anything else about your school / education decisions that you would like to share or mention? Any other questions we didn’t ask?

I would really encourage all families to take advantage of Arizona’s school options. Do not think you are ever stuck! I didn’t realize the blessing of school choice until we were faced with all sorts of challenges and had to make adjustments for our own family.