Outdoor Classroom Supports Success at Gowan Science Academy with Principal Haines and Mrs. Osbourne

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Outdoor Classroom Supports Success at Gowan Science Academy with Principal Haines and Mrs. Osbourne

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In this episode we are talking with Mrs. Jamie Haines, Principal of Gowan Science Academy,  and Mrs. Osbourne, the Reading Specialist. Gowan Academy provides a challenging inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum to maximize individual potential and ensure students thrive in a global community. Gowan Science Academy is another recipient of the A for Arizona Expansion and Innovation Fund Grant. The financial support they received from this grant has allowed them to add an outdoor learning classroom/hub to provide students with opportunities to be creative and learn outdoors. What better time to incorporate an opportunity for fresh air than during a global pandemic?! Listen to this episode to learn more about this outdoor learning hub and all of its benefits!


Episode Highlights:

  • Research supporting outdoor learning
  • Outdoor classroom/learning hub engaging students, increasing attendance, and decreasing behavioral issues 
  • A for Arizona Expansion and Innovation Grant 
  • Authentic engagement vs. compliance


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