A New, tuition-free charter option for families: Online School of Arizona

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A New, tuition-free charter option for families: Online School of Arizona

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  • Today we are celebrating our 50th episode!!


    What better way to ring in this milestone, than with Travis and Crystal from the Online School of Arizona (OSA). OSA is a fully online, tuition free charter school for students in grades 9-12. OSA knows that no two students are alike. At OSA, you are not just a number. The staff at OSA embraces the fact that every student is unique, and learns at their own pace. They know that every student has a past, a story, and a bright future ahead of them.


    Check out this episode to learn more about OSA and everything that they offer!


    Episode Highlights:

    • All about OSA
    • Online Learning
    • Learning Centers 
    • Breaking stigmas of Online Schooling


    More on Guest: 

    • https://www.onlineschoolofarizona.com/eng



    More on Love Your School/Links Mentioned in Episode: