Saddle Up With Hoofbeatz!

Society today recognizes the importance of children’s social well-being in addition to their academic learning. There are now many programs outside of the school system that can also help students in areas such as confidence, leadership, and building emotional connections. One local organization provides these and more through a unique process of working with horses. 

Hoofbeatz USA was founded in 2020 by Eileen Verdieck, a pioneer in the Arabian horse industry. Hoofbeatz USA goes beyond the average horseback riding lesson. Students not only learn how to ride a horse but also learn how to care for horses and how to “speak” to them. Through the experience of bonding with horses, students develop confidence, empathy, and responsibility skills.

During a session, students rotate through stations. In one station, they practice riding techniques using a “mechanical bull” to simulate being on a horse. This is a physical activity that helps with balance, coordination, and strength. Students also get to lead a horse into the arena where they learn how to communicate with the horse and guide it through various obstacles. This helps build patience and communication skills. Students then get to ride a horse, another physical activity that builds strength and endurance and also confidence and trust. 

There are so many different skills that can be obtained and developed through working with and riding horses. This is a great program for kids of all ages and even adults. 

Hoofbeatz USA is a vendor on ClassWallet so families who use the Empowerment Scholarship (ESA) can pay for classes using those funds. 

If you’re looking for activities for your child to do during Winter Break, Hoofbeatz USA offers a Winter Camp on various dates between December 17 – January 3. This is a great intro to the program where students can sign up for an extended session where they will get to experience all that a class has to offer, plus do a fun craft! A farm tour is also planned for December 31st at 2pm, with special guest, Patrick Sullivan, who recently rode a horse across the United States with no saddle or bridle.

Please visit https://www.hoofbeatz.com/ for more information and camp dates.

- Love Your School

Founder & Executive Director

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