59. Micro School Innovation: How True North Academy engages, inspires, and supports every learner


Today we are talking with Beth Bovee, Head of School at the new micro school, True North Academy. We are also joined by Michele Hudak, Special Education Director. True North Academy offers individualized education for students in grades K-6. The unique design of True North Academy’s educational approach offers children individualized hands-on opportunities. True North Academy specializes in working with hidden disabilities such as students with ADHD, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia or other language based learning disabilities, giftedness, and sensory processing sensitivities. Check out this episode to learn more about True North Academy, what they offer, and how their services could benefit you and your child. Learn about launching a micro school and the unique parent lead opportunities that communities have in forming these new options.


Episode Highlights:

  • How the True North Academy was founded 
  • Info on Micro schools
  • Parent advocacy and engagement
  • Arizona Empowerment Scholarship
  • Accommodations for students with special needs


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