60. Do I Still Have a Voice as a Public School Mom? with Amy Carney from B.E.S.T.


In today’s episode I am talking with Amy Carney, the deputy director of Arizona B.E.S.T. (building education for students together.) She is the author of Parent on Purpose and the 100 Questions for Mom Journal.  Amy speaks to moms and dads about the importance of raising their children with more intentionality. Her work has evolved into empowering parents to stand up for parent rights in school Arizona and around the country. Amy is a mother of six and an advocate for foster care adoption. Check out this episode to hear more about Amy’s story and how the information she offers could benefit your family. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Being a mom of 6
  • Amy’s books: Parenting on Purpose and 100 Questions for Mom Journal
  • B.E.S.T. (Building education for students together)
  • COVID driving parents to ask questions about their child’s education
  • Free Webinars


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