Alexandrea’s Family

I am a single parent of 2 daughters. I reached out to Love Your School,  looking for assistance in finding my daughter a school that would better suit her needs. I thought she had a learning disability but didn’t know what resources I could utilize to get her the help she needed. The school she was going to was going to fail her without any type of evaluation, and without giving me as a parent resources to help her. I had asked multiple times in emails and phone calls what I could do to help my daughter and explained my daughters learning struggles to the principal and teachers at her school and I was in tears when all my concerns were ignored. I received no help or input from the school on how to help my daughter, only that she would be failing the grade. I was really having trouble navigating the charter school system and felt completely overwhelmed. I did not want my daughter to become another statistic. I wanted my daughter to get the help she needed. I wanted assistance finding resources for my daughter and advocating for the help she needed so I searched online and found Love Your School and that’s when I reached out. 

The support I received from Jenny along with others at Love Your School was amazing. They helped educate me about the rights I had as a parent for my child. They also educated me on what schools services could be requested, as well as child find laws that I knew nothing about. In doing so I finally was able to get my daughter evaluated and qualified by the school for special education services. And this is something I would have never received from the school without the support from Love Your School. Jenny and Shannon attended my IEP meeting with me and supported me through any and all questions I had about correspondence and push back that I was receiving from my daughters school. As a parent when you have a meeting with 10 school officials who are educated in the school system and school rights and it’s just you as a parent alone this process can be overwhelming. Love Your School was there every step of the way. They made me feel knowledgeable and prepared and supported in this process. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me and my daughter. 

I would advise other parents to reach out to Love Your School if you your are wanting better resources as a parent on your rights and the schools system, as well as just information on schools options or support in the process. 

I think it’s important for grantors and donors to know that Love Your School is a great resource without it there would many parents and children who are not getting the resources and education they need. Schools have loopholes and unfortunately a lot of families can easily become another statistic. We need places like Love Your School. Children impact our future and these services help our economy grow and prosper.