1. We Have Hope with Jenny Clark

Welcome to the We Have Hope Podcast where we will discuss school choice options in West Virginia, the Hope Scholarship, and more! Today, we are talking with Founder & Executive Director of Love Your School, Jenny Clark, to learn more about how the program was started, and where it is going!

Jenny Clark was homeschooling her two young boys, and felt that something was ‘off’.  A friend suggested that she have them evaluated. In the evaluation, she was told that the boys did not have any learning disabilities, but the struggles she was facing were due to them not having a ‘proper education’. This didn’t sit right with Jenny, so she obtained two independent evaluations that uncovered the boys were experiencing dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Jenny’s experience inspired her to become an advocate for other parents and families to help make them aware of their rights and resources. She wanted to help them know what questions to ask. This calling brought her to start Love Your School in her home state of Arizona.

Fast forward to two years ago, Jenny was asked by the Cardinal Institute to do interviews about the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account program. She was then invited by them to West Virginia to interview and report on the Hope Scholarship potentially getting passed through the legislature, but it unfortunately did not pass. One year later, the Hope Scholarship was passed, so Jenny started trying to get vendors from Arizona to start servicing West Virginia families. This began her desire to expand Love Your School to West Virginia. Jenny ultimately would like to launch the program in every state.

Join us today as we dive deeper with Jenny and learn about what we can expect to come from Love Your School in West Virginia!


Episode Highlights:

  • Why school choice matters to Jenny
  • How Love Your School started
  • What brought Jenny to WV
  • Where Jenny sees Love Your School in 5 years


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