2. If You Don’t Have Hope, How Will Your Kids? -Leah’s Story

Join us today as we sit down with Leah Peck, Grassroots Coordinator with Love Your School. Leah always knew she wanted to be a mother. It was her biggest goal for as long as she could remember.  At 28, she hadn’t had any children yet and decided to look into foster care. In 2019, she adopted her son at 18 months old. Six months later, she met her husband who already had three children. Since getting married, they’ve fostered another child and their home has had an open door to many children.

Leah had an interesting upbringing. Being raised in an ‘evangelical cult’, women were expected to do nothing but ‘mother’ children. Leah believes that naturally, she picked up some of her maternal instincts from this experience. She was the child of an opiate addict who unfortunately lost their life to their addiction. She lived a very ‘reactive lifestyle’ until she reached parenthood and realized that she could live ‘proactively’.

Leah is passionate about helping families learn about and explore school options to see what works best for them. Listen in with us today to learn more about Leah!


Episode Highlights:

  • Leah’s story and background.
  • What led her to Love Your School.
  • How Love Your School has impacted Leah’s parenting and life in general.
  • Leah shares her favorite parts of parenting.
  • Kim and Leah’s hope for listeners.


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