Katie’s Family

1. Tell us how you found Love Your School and a little more about your family and why you were needing support. 
I found Love Your School through a recommendation from someone on social media and I am so thankful that I did. I was needing support for my daughters, and honestly myself too. We had previously been homeschooling but wanted to apply for ESA and needed an advocate to support me through the process of obtaining an IEP from our public school. The whole process was so new and foreign to me. I would have been way over my head if it was not for Love Your School. 
2. What were your interactions like with Love Your School? What support or services did they provide for your family? 
From the get go my interactions with Love Your School were great. They were quick to respond to my message and set up phone calls with me to go over everything. Love Your School offered support services to me by providing an advocate to help represent my girls in our IEP meetings. Having an advocate in my corner who knows how these things go made all the difference for me and my family. 
3. What would this process have looked like for you if you hadn’t had the support of Love Your School? How is your situation different or better because of their support?
The process with our public school was overwhelming. Having not one but two children struggling in school and needing multiple evaluations was a lot to take on and manage. Then when all their reports came in I was left struggling to interpret the data on my own. If it was not for Love Your School I would have been lost in a sea of numbers and not fully understanding what my girls needed. Our situation was made far better because of Love Your School. They were able to help me understand the process, the data, and they were able to advocate for me and my girls to make sure they were being properly taken care of. 
4. Any final thoughts or encouragement do you have for donors or investors who are considering giving to 
If you are in a position to give, Love Your School is definitely a worthy cause. When I think about everything they did for me, I know our outcome could have been very different if it was not for them. I feel sad knowing that there are some parents who go down this path without the support of an organization like this. Every parent wants what’s best for their children especially when it comes to their education. It shouldn’t be this hard but unfortunately sometimes it is and the help that I received from Love Your School made it possible for my girls to have their best case scenario when it comes to their education.