7. Charter Schools in West Virginia with James Paul

What is a Charter School?
There are a lot of common misconceptions about charter schools. In today’s episode, Kim & Leah have a chat with James Paul – Executive director of WV Charter School Board, a board that was created one year ago to authorize new charter schools in West Virginia.

A Charter School is a tuition free, independent public school that receives more autonomy and flexibility from the state in exchange for more direct accountability. A lot of bureaucratic jurisdictions that apply to public schools do not apply to charter schools. There are less regulations and red tape which gives more flexibility to the school. There is a high level of accountability placed on the school and the parents. Charter schools only receive funding for each child that is enrolled, and they lose funding if the child leaves.

There are currently four charter schools open in WV, however charter schools have been around for 30 years across the country. Every governing board is required to have two parents on it. Charter schools only get 90% of the funding per student that the traditional public schools get.

This week’s episode is jam packed with helpful information. Join us today as we learn more about charter schools, what they offer, and how they operate!

Episode Highlights:

  • What is a Charter School?
  • Steps to starting a Charter School
  • Positive Elements of Charter Schools

More on James Paul: 

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Email: james.paul@wvpcsb.org

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