13. Eyes and Brains STEM Center with Eric Eisenbrey

Eyes and Brains STEM Center in Elkins, WV is focused on providing an independence driven, student led learning experience. Founder and Director Eric Eisenbrey had taught in the public school system for ten years, and ended each school year feeling like he was coming up short. He felt that students’ needs were not being met, and he was determined to create something to meet those needs.

In his research, Eric came across the concept of microschools, and it clicked. After much research, he started Eyes & Brains STEM Center. The center offers nontraditional instruction, as well as offering a Lego Robotics program.

Listen in as we chat with Eric about this unique learning opportunity!

Episode Highlights:

  • Eric’s Background in Education
  • How Eric got started with Eyes & Brains STEM Center
  • What is the Eyes & Brains STEM Center?
  • What does Eyes & Brains STEM Center offer?

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