69. Building a World for Kids with Chris Turner From Moonrise

Today on the Love Your School Podcast I am with Chris Turner, the founder of Moonrise.  The mission at Moonrise is to build a world for kids. They offer a space where students can build things, follow their interests, and learn together. There are friendly guides who motivate them to push past limits. Real-world classes are offered in subjects like space exploration, climate change, and healthy cooking. Students can have a flexible schedule where they can drop-in anytime, including weekends and summers. Moonrise is making it safe for kids to engage with the real world today. Check out this episode to learn more about Moonrise and what they have to offer!


Episode Highlights:

  • Chris Turner’s background
  • Arizona ESA’s
  • Co Learning space for kids
  • Building better human beings
  • Forming personalized learning plans
  • Member app
  • Master Learning Guides
  • Magic Date Nights for parents
  • Electric Bus for built in weekly field trips
  • Q & A


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