23. Focusing on the ‘Whole Child’ with Ashley Matheny of Whole Child Learning Academy

When Ashley Matheny was growing up, she always thought she would be a Public School Teacher. She imagined herself teaching for 30 years and then retiring. While she did end up teaching public school, it didn’t go exactly as planned. She taught for several years, but around year 4, she began to feel ‘burnt out’. After a medical leave of absence, Ashley ended up resigning.

During her time of healing, Ashley’s mind was opened up to new ways of living out her calling. She started out as an online tutor around 2015, and eventually broke out into tutoring on her own for a family from Orlando. She created a program for that family at the beginning of the pandemic, and then one Sunday evening she created the website for Whole Child Learning Academy. From there, more families began to sign up, and she is in year three of the program.

We are excited to share this awesome schooling option with you and hope to open your mind up to new possibilities in education!


Episode Highlights:

  • Background on Ashley
  • How Ashley started Whole Child Learning Academy
  • Parent/Teacher Communication

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