27. Anyone Can Code with Monica Say of Code With Nano

Welcome back to the We Have Hope Podcast!

We have an exciting guest on the show today! Monica Say from Code With Nano is here to talk to us about coding and the one on one courses she has available. According to Monica – anyone can code! How exciting would it be for your child to learn to code and be able to look at their work and say ‘I did that!’?

This is an ever growing field and a wonderful skill for kids to have in their toolbelt. Also, we have exciting news – Code With Nano is a Hope Provider! Yes! You can use your Hope Scholarship dollars toward your child’s online coding courses!

We truly enjoyed this conversation, and we hope you will too!

Episode Highlights:

  • Monica’s Background
  • How Code With Nano got started
  • What is Coding?
  • Code With Nano and The Hope Scholarship

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