Homeschool families can support school options without fear!

School options are sweeping the country as parents and families speak up and open their imaginations to what’s possible for their children. It’s been amazing to watch so many families find a school or education setting they LOVE! But we’ve talked with homeschool families who are worried. They have worked hard to protect their freedom to homeschool with as little government interference as possible and they ask, “will this affect me?” or “should I support school choice?” If this is you, we’ve got answers! W. Michael Clark, PhD, JD, husband and father of five who has home-educated his children for nine years, wrote this helpful piece on why you can confidently support (or at least not oppose!) ESA programs as a homeschool family.

He argues the following, in depth and well-researched!

  1. ESAs have not encroached on homeschool freedoms.
  2. ESAs have not encroached on the freedoms of private schools or ESA home educators.
  3. ESAs have provided life-changing services and resources for children with learning and developmental disabilities.
  4. ESAs have encouraged educational entrepreneurship, leading to new and more affordable educational opportunities for all students, including homeschool students.
  5. ESAs encourage more public school accountability and provide a way out for those who feel stuck in public school.

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- Love Your School

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