41. We’re Back for Season Two!

Welcome back to the We Have Hope Podcast! Thanks for tuning in for Season TWO!

We hope you had a great summer and are settling nicely into the new school year. We have a great lineup for you this season, and we’re so excited to share these interviews with you!

Each year is a new opportunity for growth for you and your family. Parenting can be challenging, but your love and dedication are making a positive impact on your child’s life. Keep going, and remember that you’re making a difference every day. You know your child better than anyone else, and you are their biggest advocate.

We hope you come back next week for the first of many incredible interviews with our wonderful guests!

Episode Highlights:

  • We’re back!
  • We hope you had a great summer!
  • We have some great interviews coming up!
  • You know your child better than anyone else.
  • You are in are making a difference in your child’s life.
  • We’re here to help you make connections and build bridges.


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