45. Advocating for Our Children with Kathie Hess Crouse

Kathie Hess Crouse serves as a member of the House of Delegates. She is a mom of 5, past president of West Virginia Home Educators, the first female athletic commissioner for the West Virginia Athletic Commission, and she currently runs the largest Facebook group for homeschoolers called The Unsocialized Homeschoolers of West Virginia. 

Kathie’s three oldest children graduated from public school. An unfortunate experience with one of her younger children’s kindergarten teacher caused her to pull him out of public school. She weighed her options between private school and homeschooling and ultimately decided to homeschool her two younger children. 

Kathie has been in the school choice arena since 2010 and has dedicated much of her time and resources to empower parents to homeschool if they feel led to. She believes that every parent has the ability to teach their children to love to learn.

Tune in to learn more about homeschooling options and get connected with helpful resources!


Episode Highlights:

  • Background on Kathie.
  • Kathie’s Children’s schooling experiences.
  • We have to advocate for our kids.
  • The Unsocialized Homeschoolers of West Virginia
  • Being a resource for parents.

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