49. The Importance of Early Childhood Education with Mariah Burnley, Owner/Director of Ohio Valley Child Learning Center

When Mariah Burnley couldn’t find the right childcare option for her 9 month old, the opportunity arose to open her own center. Within her second year of opening, her husband was able to retire from his 90 hour a week job and work alongside her. 


We love Mariah’s story so much, and are so excited to dive deeper with her on the importance of early childhood education. We chat about quality of care, social & emotional development, setting realistic expectations for kids, and much more in our conversation with her.


We invite you to listen in and be inspired by Mariah’s knowledge, experience, and insight into this important topic!


Episode Highlights:

  • Background on Mariah Burnley & Ohio Valley Learning Center.
  • Quality of Care.
  • The cost of childcare & waitlists.
  • Weighing pros and cons.
  • Social and emotional development.
  • Setting realistic expectations for kids.
  • Kids learn through experience.
  • Things to look for when you are searching for childcare.
  • Mariah’s hope for childcare.


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