52. Helping Students Capitalize on Their Strengths with Dr. Norrine Russell

In today’s conversation, we are chatting with Dr. Norrine Russell, founder of Russell Coaching for Students. Russell Coaching specializes in helping students with complex ADHD. This may look like a very unmotivated teen who struggles with homework, organization, planning and more. Their coaches are experts in providing services to students with multiple diagnoses.

Dr. Norrine shares about Russell Coaching, their method, trends in education, options, and so much more in this enlightening episode. She reminds us that, as parents, we have the freedom to make individual choices regarding each of our children’s education every year. 

Please join us for this empowering interview as Dr. Norrine dives into some of the most challenging educational topics we face today. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Dr. Norrine Russell and Russell Coaching for Students.
  • What are executive functioning skills?
  • More about Russell Coaching for Students’ coaching model.
  • Capitalizing on student’s strengths.
  • Trends in education.
  • Helping parents identify their options.
  • Making individual choices for your student.
  • Finding your community.
  • Getting connected with Russell Coaching.
  • What does We Have Hope mean to Dr. Norrine?


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