About Love Your School

Every Family Should Be Able To Answer The Question,
“Do You Love Your School?”
With A Resounding, “YES!”

When it comes to education in West Virginia, families have so many possibilities. We’re here to help families explore the many school options available, and celebrate each one through creative storytelling, relevant and fun resources, and practical support so every family can love their school!

What We Do




Love Your School is a great resource for West Virginia families looking for the best schooling options for their children, but it’s so much more. We serve as an outlet to share the latest and greatest happenings in WV education by providing content that is relevant to families and educators.

Everyone has a story and we want to tell it.

Love Your School highlights the personal stories of West Virginia families that love their school in order to encourage parents and teachers.

We also help families navigate the school options available to them. So if you’re curious about the Hope Scholarship, school options, or anything in between, Love Your School is here to help you every step of the way! Just send us a text at (304) 769-9800, or an email at hello@loveyourschool.org!


Buster Nicholson

Executive Director

My name is Buster Nicholson. I currently reside in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. I have worked in the public school system as a teacher and administrator. During my tenure in the classroom, I saw many opportunities to improve on the methodologies of instructional delivery. This led me to opening and operating a tutoring center which focused on individualized plans and assessment techniques that utilize multi-modal remediation and enrichment. Using my experience, I authored and published SchoolMedic’s Field Guide to Elementary Classroom Management

I have an M.S. in Supervision and Administration in Education, and a B.A. in Elementary Education. My career path has included executive level positions in government, as an analyst for the U.S. Secret Service, and in senior management at American Military University. My wife and I enjoyed homeschooling out four children beginning in 1998 and finishing in 2021.

Contact Buster at buster@loveyourschoolwv.org

Kim Dully

Grassroots Coordinator

My name is Kim Dully and I am a mom of three school aged kids. My husband and I both have a master’s degree in education and we want to instill a love of learning in our children. One of the ways we love to learn as a family is by reading together. We try to do everything with intention and that includes education. My husband and I helped to launch a private school in our county and our children currently attend there. I believe that education is the gateway to real change in a person’s life. I want every parent to feel confident about the way their child is educated, whether that is homeschool, hopeschooled, private school, public school, or anything else. The beautiful thing is that as a parent I get to choose the right option for each one of my children each year. There is no one size fits all! 

Contact Kim at kim@loveyourschoolwv.org

Leah Peck

Grassroots Coordinator

My name is Leah Peck. I have more than fifteen years of professional experience in the legal, marketing, and social service industries. My most important title, however, is ‘mom!’ I am a mother of four in a blended family. I gained my three oldest children through marriage, and adopted her youngest from foster care. My family also cared for a fifth child in foster care that was reunified with their family. One constant in my family is unchanging – the kids come first! Every child is involved in extracurriculars – football, choir, lacrosse, karate, softball, T-ball – and every child is encouraged daily to pursue their individual passions and talents. 
I love to cook and spend time with my family. I am an animal lover, and have a pitbull, a boxer, a German Shepherd, two cats, and four ducks. Her main focus in life remains engaging with and fostering growth in my children. In sharing the HOPE Scholarship, I ‘hope’ that more school choices for my children will come available in West Virginia, allowing not only my children, but all West Virginia children, a real chance at thriving and developing their natural-born talents. 

-Jenny Clark

Founder & Executive Director