When Janie was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia, her doctor told her parents, Sarah and Ryan, about an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) that could help. But when they applied, they were told Janie didn’t qualify. 

Thankfully, Sarah and Ryan were connected with us here at Love Your School and we walked them through the process step-by-step. Today, Janie is thriving with an ESA that covers her therapies and a private school she loves. 


Vanessa wanted what was best for her daughter, “C”, and had visited a private school in Phoenix that she longed for her daughter to attend. COVID made things complicated for Vanessa, and she had to put her plans on hold. She was connected to Love Your School through another local non – profit, and with personalized support over several months, she applied and received over $8,000 in tuition tax credit scholarships for “C”.

Her daughter is now happy and thriving in her new school, and Vanessa is telling everyone about how amazing school options are and refers new families who need support on a regular basis! 


Meet Samaa, a student who needed one-on-one support during the day but had to return home when COVID-19 struck. As a result, she was unable to receive the vital therapies and interventions she needed to be successful in her daily academics and life skills.

When a therapy provider Samaa’s at the Department of Developmental Disabilities heard about the situation, Samaa was connected to Love Your School and we immediately went to work. Love Your School began with an in-home visit to better understand her family’s situation, then provided her with the options they had. Love Your School then walked Samaa’s family through the Empowerment Scholarship Account process, which provided Samaa’s family the resources they needed to continue her education at home during this time. 


It started when my two oldest boys were struggling to learn how to read. When we sought evaluations, their academic challenges were dismissed because they were homeschooled. Though we were frustrated by this response, we wouldn’t give up.

We kept pressing on, knowing that our boys were struggling with something. After fighting the extremely complex special education process for almost a year, a neuropsychologist not only revealed that our boys had speech delays, but also severe dyslexia and dysgraphia — which had gone undiagnosed by several other school evaluators.

That’s also when we realized our kids qualified — years ago — for an education scholarship that would pay for therapies to help with their dyslexia.

We began to share our story with more and more families when we realized there was a problem — a majority of Arizona families are unaware that they have more options when it comes to their child’s education. But sometimes, the only thing standing in the way was financial resources and a little help navigating the process. 

And this is why I started Love Your School, to educate parents on their education options in Arizona and help them discover a school they love.