ESA Expansion Update

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Universal ESA Law Update

The Universal Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account Program (ESA) is now law in Arizona!

That’s right, the anti-school choice activist group, Save Our Schools Arizona was unsuccessful in their attempt to stop families from accessing an ESA through the expansion known as House Bill 2853! This is an exciting day and we are so pleased that the now 12,000 students who applied for an ESA will now have access to this incredible program! 

So, what do you need to know:

  • If you pre-applied for an ESA, the Arizona Department of Education still has 30 days to process your application. Remember, you will receive funding for Quarter 1, since the bill was back-dated. If you have questions about your application, see www.azed.gov/esa for the latest information. 

Got Questions About ESAs?

With ESAs now for everyone, you may have questions – or you may be getting questions from friends and family. We’ve got a handy printable for you that answers all the big questions about Arizona’s ESAs.

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