Connecting Amazing Teachers with Amazing Families with Joe Connor from Schoolhouse

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Connecting Amazing Teachers with Amazing Families with Joe Connor from Schoolhouse

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    Today we had the pleasure to chat with Joe Connor, the cofounder of Schoolhouse. SchoolHouse takes the work out of providing your child with the best education in a unique, personalized way. They enable parents to partner up with families in their community to form a microschool with a group of similar-aged kids and match you with the best and brightest educator in your area. SchoolHouse provides all the tools necessary to ensure that your child(ren) receives an enriching, educational experience, with greater flexibility and more personalized attention than traditional schools may offer – all in a safe and inspiring home learning environment. Check out this episode to learn more about the valuable resources Schoolhouse has to offer your family in your area! 


    Episode Highlights:

    • Microschools
    • School Choice
    • Learning Pods


    More on Guest: 

    • getschoolhouse.com


    More on Love Your School/Links Mentioned in Episode: