86. Polygence’s Passion to Transform High School Students’ Educational Journeys with Dr. G.P. LeBourdais

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Love Your School Podcast. Today, I am joined by Dr.  G.P. LeBourdais, Head of Strategic Initiatives and a Mentor at Polygence. Polygence is a team of academics and educators united in their passion to make research more widely accessible to all interested students. At Polygence, they have mentors who cover a multitude of diverse disciplines. Check out this episode to learn more about Poloygence and how they are embarking on a journey to transform education.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. LeBourdais’s background
  • What is Polygence?
  • Passion Projects
  • How to get registered at Polygence
  • Pods Program
  • Research Mentorship and Projects
  • Scholarship opportunities

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