90. Innovative Strategies for Success: Illuminate Family Workshop with Treisha Wan

Welcome back to the Love Your School Podcast! Today, we are joined by the Owner and Speech Pathologist at Illuminate Family Workshop, Treisha Wan. She is a dedicated speech-language pathologist and the visionary behind Illuminate Family Workshop PLLC. Illuminate Family Workshop is a dedicated organization committed to unlocking potential and empowering extraordinary minds through transformative speech-language therapy and ADHD coaching. They focus on nurturing deep connections, igniting limitless creativity, and adopting innovative strategies to ensure success, all while maintaining a profound respect for the values of the families they work with. Join us as we dive into their inspiring mission and approach. Check out this episode to learn more about Illuminate Family Workshop and its offerings!



Episode Highlights:

  • Treisha’s background and what led her to begin Illuminate Family Workshop
  • The process at Illuminate Family Workshop
  • Using an ESA for Illuminate Family Workshop
  • Academic growth and success in students
  • Neurodiverse Learners
  • Supporting non-verbal/speaking students
  • Characteristics of ADHD
  • How to get started with Iluminate Family Workshop



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