85. Listening, Loving, and Learning at Kaleidoscope School with Lori Ramos and Stephanie Schuller

Welcome back to the Love Your School Podcast. Today I am conversing with Lori Ramos and Stephanie Schuller, both Kaleidoscope Public Charter School teachers.  Kaleidoscope School provides academic rigor balanced with innovative, hands-on instruction for every child. They cultivate strong relationships with students, families, and communities while facilitating children’s limitless potential. At Kaleidoscope, the teachers meet the students right where they are at. They are placed into achievement groups so they are able to master the standards they need; however, the groups are fluid and always changing as students progress. The small teacher-to-student ratio helps students get the individualized attention they need. Check out this episode to learn more about Kaleidoscope School and all the amazing things they have to offer.



Episode Highlights:

  • Lori and Stephanie’s background stories
  • Fluid achievement groups
  • Standards-based instruction
  • Exploratorium time
  • Social-emotional model/Connection Circles
  • Global Play Day
  • How to Enroll or go


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