The V.I.N.E. Special Needs Program at Valley Christian with Troy Thelen and Bryan Winfrey

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The V.I.N.E Special needs program at valley christian with troy thelen and bryan winfrey

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  • Join our conversation with  two staff members from Valley Christian- Troy Thelen, Assistant Head of School, and Bryan Winfrey,  Director of Communications. The mission of Valley Christian Schools is for students to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, live like Him, and prepare academically, physically, socially, and spiritually, so they are enabled to make a difference in the world. Valley Christian is also unique in that it offers a full time special education services through their V.I.N.E. program. In this episode, we also discuss beneficial information on how to apply for tuition tax credits, discounts, and scholarships to help aid in the tuition costs for Valley Christian. Check out this episode to learn more!


    Episode Highlights:

    • The history of Valley Christian 
    • Special Education Program (V.I.N.E.)
    • Impacts of COVID at Valley Christian
    • STEM Programs 
    • Discounts and Scholarships


    More on Guest: 

    • https://valleychristianaz.org/


    More on Love Your School/Links Mentioned in Episode: