3. A Good Education Can Break the Chains of Circumstances – Kim’s Story

In today’s episode, we dive in and learn about Kim Dully, Grassroots Coordinator with Love Your School. Kim is married and is a mother of 3 kids ages 9, 8, & 6. Kim’s children attend a Private Christian School at which she and her husband were part of the planning committee.

The mother of 3 is also the oldest of 3 kids. Things were tough for her family growing up, which eventually led to her grandmother bringing Kim, her mother and her siblings from San Antonio, TX back to Pennsylvania to be close to family. Her father followed. Over the years, Kim’s parents worked many jobs, but their home was not a safe place. Her father struggled with alcoholism, and her mother suffered from mental illness. When Kim was 15 and a freshman in high school, her mother passed away.

Determined to take charge of her future, Kim started taking college prep classes. When she was a senior in high school, she went to the school counselor for help getting into college. To her surprise, the counselor told her she just assumed she wouldn’t be going to college. Despite this,  Kim persevered and went to Penn State where she got her undergrad in Rehabilitation Services. College became her escape.

While at Penn State, she took a lot of Education classes as she originally wanted to be a school teacher. Due to a GPA requirement, this didn’t end up working out. Eager to rise above her circumstances, she then moved to Pittsburgh and went to Duquesne for Counselor Education. With an interest in child social and emotional learning, she eventually found her way to K-12 counseling.

Kim has a passion for school choice, and is eager to help families in WV find the right options for their children! Join us today as we learn more about Kim!


Episode Highlights:

  • Kim’s family background and educational history
  • School Choice
  • Partnering with teachers


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