8. Virtual Charter School in West Virginia with Rusty Gray

Did you know there is a virtual charter school in West Virginia?

Virtual Prep Academy of West Virginia is a tuition-free, virtual public school serving students all over West Virginia. Today on the show, we are joined by Rusty Gray, Head of School of VPA. Rusty has over 30 years of experience in education, and is excited to share information about this unique educational experience that is now available in WV.

VPA utilizes virtual live class instruction, providing a distraction free environment for students to learn.  Sessions are recorded, offering more flexibility in the event of absences. No student can be denied enrollment as VPA is a public charter school.

Join us today as we learn more about this unique schooling option!

Episode Highlights:

  • Rusty’s Background in Education
  • What is a Virtual Charter School?
  • Flexibility of a Virtual Charter School
  • How to transition to a Virtual Prep Academy

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