68. The Future of School with Garrett Smiley from Sora Schools

Welcome back to the LYS Podcast! Today I am chatting with Garrett Smiley, co-founder of Sora Schools. Sora is a pioneering, student-centered middle and high school that empowers the curious with the freedom to pursue their interests and discover who they are. Students grow by mastering skills and concepts in projects that reflect the real world—while preparing them for the challenges of their future. We will also talk about the Universal ESA that could help contribute to your SORA tuition. Check out this episode to learn more about Sora Schools and what they have to offer! 


Episode Highlights:

  • Garrett’s background story 
  • How Sora Schools started 
  • A typical day for a Sora Student 
  • Learning Expeditions 
  • Making learning meaningful
  • Reasonable costs
  • Discussion based classes 
  • Universal Empowerment Scholarship Account Program  


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