17. Be the First with Lynnette Haizlett, Founder of Cornerstone Christian Academy

Sometimes you just have to be willing to be the first at something. About 6 years ago, Lynnette Haizlett saw a need. The community where she lived didn’t have many schooling options. They had public school and then one Christian school about a half hour away. After discussing it with her husband, he suggested that they start a Christian school. Though it would be a huge undertaking, this felt like the right move as Lynnette’s dad was a Director of Christian school for years.

Lynnette’s church had a large facility that they graciously let the school begin its first year in. She said that the further into planning that they got, God continued to provide for their needs and settle their doubts. They now have their own building. Listen to the episode for the incredible story of how they were able to purchase it!

Cornerstone Christian Academy now has 29 students enrolled from 3 year old Pre-K to 6th grade. Listen in for more on this schooling option!

Episode Highlights:

  • Lynnette’s personal and educational background
  • The calling to start a Christian School
  • Starting the school & progress

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