71. All About National School Choice Week with Shelby Doyle

Happy National School Choice Week! Today I am talking with the National School Choice Week Vice President of Public Awareness, Shelby Doyle.National School Choice Week (NSCW) informs, inspires, and empowers parents to discover the K-12 education options available for their children, while generating widespread public awareness of the importance of school choice. National School Choice Week will take place January 22-28, 2023. School choice means giving parents access to the best K-12 education options for their children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online learning, and homeschooling. Here at the Love Your School Podcast, this week represents everything that we stand for. Check out this episode to learn more about National School Choice Week and how you can get involved.


Episode Highlights:

  • Shelby’s background
  • What is National School Choice Week?
  • Educating parents on their options
  • School choice awareness
  • Microschools


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