74. Arizona Autism Charter School is Awarded with Yass Prize for Excellence and Innovation

In this episode I am in conversation with Diana Díaz-Harrison, M.Ed., who is the Lead Founder and Executive Director at Arizona Autism Charter Schools. Arizona Autism Charter School (AZACS) is the first and only tuition-free, public charter school in Arizona focused on the educational needs of children with autism. The school’s primary focus is to use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to support students’ behavioral needs and help them access state instructional standards to the best of their ability. 

Today we are discussing the excitement around Arizona Autism Charter School being awarded with the prestigious Yass Prize for their excellence and innovation. Being awarded the Yass prize means that the Arizona Autism Charter School has been awarded a one million dollar grant to continue their mission of providing free, quality education for neurodiverse students. Check out this episode to learn more about Autism Charter Schools, and to learn more about the Yass prize. 



Episode Highlights:

  • Diana’s background 
  • Being an autism mom 
  • Being awarded with the Yass Prize
  • What the Yass prize is and what it means for Arizona Autism 
  • Launching a campus in Tuscon 
  • Adding an adult program 
  • Special education diagnosis process



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