32. Inspiring Hope in Children with Kristine Ayers Cline of Laurel Academy

Seven years ago, Kristine Ayers Cline saw a need. She was in a field in which she worked with people with disabilities and she started to notice a pattern: Many of those she worked with would come into her office asking for help to file for social security benefits. She had the ability to help them file, but she chose first to try to inspire them instead. Her belief is that ‘everyone can do something’.

Kristine has a passion for helping children find & achieve their dreams.. and out of this passion, Laurel Academy was born. She believed that she could help students avoid the typical cycle by partnering with them at a young age. Laurel Academy is a private Christian school located in Terra Alta, West Virginia, specializing in special education. 

Though they specialize in special education, there is a place at the table for everyone at Laurel Academy. As a Hope Provider, this school will now be able to reach even more families. Tune in to learn more about this inspiring schooling option! 


Episode Highlights:

  • Background on Kristine
  • How was Laurel Academy started?
  • What is Laurel Academy?
  • Inspiring hope in children
  • A typical day at Laurel Academy
  • Parent Involvement
  • Application Process
  • Tuition & Hope Scholarship
  • Kristine’s hope


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