76. Great Hearts Now Offering a New Christian Classical Education Option with Dan Scoggin from Great Hearts Christos

Today I am chatting with Dan Scoggin, the co-founder of Great Hearts Charter Schools. If you have listened to our past episodes, you are familiar with Great Hearts; however today we are talking about Great Hearts Christos. Great Hearts Christos is a faith-based non-profit organization (separate from Great Hearts public charter schools) that is committed to creating the best Christian academies in the country. The Christos program integrates Christ-centered faith formation with the proven classical model that has made Great Hearts the national leader in classical education. Check out this episode to learn more Great Hearts Christos and what they have to offer!


Episode Highlights:

  • More about Great Hearts Christos
  • Private Christian Schools
  • Classical education
  • What a day looks like at Great Heart Christos
  • The locations for Great Heart Christos
  • How to connect with Great Hearts Christos
  • Weekly Tours on Thursdays at both locations
  • Sign up on the interest list
  • ESA’s and STO’s



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