36. A Look Inside West Virginia Academy: West Virginia’s First Public Charter School

In today’s episode, we are sitting down with Heidi Treu, executive director and founder of West Virginia Academy. West Virginia Academy is West Virginia’s first charter school.

After moving to West Virginia, Heidi & her husband started their children in public school. One year into their public education, it was apparent to the parents that their children were not thriving in this environment. The Treu’s made the decision to pull their children from public school and homeschool them.

After a year of homeschool, they decided to give public school another chance, and once again were not satisfied with the progress. Heidi couldn’t understand why no one had started a charter school in the area. She had created a curriculum for her kids based on West Virginia legislation, and decided to take the plunge.

This is when West Virginia Academy was born. The academy has a structured program where they run on a 9 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule year round.

Tune in and learn more about West Virginia’s first public charter school!

Episode Highlights:

  • Background and intro to Heidi Treu
  • The start of West Virginia Academy
  • Levels, not grades
  • Grading System
  • Teacher Recruitment & Training
  • What is a Charter School?
  • Teaching at the student’s level
  • Enrollment Process
  • Hope for the future generation

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