80. All About Calvary Chapel Christian Academy with Laurie Cosper

Today is our first episode with a feature from the Innovation Hub, our newest project at LYS! The Innovation Hub exists so you can launch your school or education service better and faster and connect with families. We take you from idea to launch or any phase in between!  In today’s episode we are joined today by Laurie Cosper who is starting a microschool- Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. At Calvary Chapel Christian Academy, they empower children to reach their full potential through a partnership with parents and school. Check out this episode to learn more about CCCA, and what amazing things they are going to offer!


Episode Highlights:

  • Innovation Hub
  • Laurie’s background
  • Homeschooling using ESA’s
  • All about Calvary Chapel Christian Academy
  • How you can learn more about Calvary Chapel Academy
  • Tuition at CCCA


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