82. OptimaEd: A Passionate Partner to Education with Erika Donalds

I am so excited to share my conversation today with Erika Donalds, Founder and Chief Executive of OptimaEd. OptimaEd focuses on creating excellent education experiences and increasing high-quality options for students and their families. One of these amazing options includes Optima Academy Online. Optima Academy Online is a new kind of online learning that integrates virtual reality into the student experience. Check out this episode to learn more about OptimaEd and everything they’re doing to support school choice and empower parents to have ownership over their student’s academic success.


Episode Highlights:

  • Erika’s background story
  • School Choice Universal
  • Optima Academy Online
  • The Importance of a High-Quality Curriculum
  • Virtual Reality
  • Empowerment Scholarship Accounts


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