84.Going from Passion to Profession with Project-Based Learning with Maggie Martin and Olivia Lo from YaizY

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I am talking with Maggie Martin and Olivia Lo in today’s episode. Maggie is a senior teacher at YaizY as well as a homeschooling parent, and Olivia is the partnership coordinator. YaizY is an innovative and fun way to bring “passion to profession,” preparing students for digital careers. At YaizY, there is a unique combination of an online edu-gaming platform; advanced digital-careers content; and flexible, project-based learning led by super-engaging teachers. YaizY is an amazing resource for homeschooling parents, and it can also be beneficial for students in public, charter, and private schools as well! Listen to this episode to learn more about YaizY and everything they have to offer!


Episode Highlights:

  • Maggie’s background and how she discovered YaizY
  • What is YaizY?
  • Classes and programs offered at YaizY
  • Learning real-life skills
  • Earning credits through YaizY
  • Mentor Check-ins


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