53. From Teaching to Homeschooling – Insights from Education Consultant Kristen Adkins

In today’s insightful conversation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kristen Adkins, an education consultant and former foster parent deeply entrenched in the foster care system. Kristen’s journey is one of immense transitions, highlighting the transformative power of community, compassion, and finding one’s purpose.

Kristen embarked on her professional journey as a dedicated medical professional, committed to on-call shifts that often stretched into weekends and late nights. However, the demanding schedule led her to grapple with the reality of being away from her family. Driven by a desire for a more balanced life, she pivoted towards education, obtaining her teaching certificate and passionately teaching for four years.

As a mother of four children, managing a full-time teaching job became overwhelming. The pivotal moment arrived when two of her adopted children faced challenges within their private school environment. Seeking alternatives, Kristen turned to a friend experienced in homeschooling for guidance.

This encounter sparked a life-altering decision to homeschool her children, prompting Kristen to downsize her home to afford the opportunity to stay home and prioritize her family’s needs.

Transitioning from traditional teaching to homeschooling opened doors for Kristen. She ventured into co-op teaching environments and eventually began conducting portfolio reviews.

Today, as an education consultant deeply involved in homeschooling and the foster care system, Kristen Adkins embodies resilience, compassion, and a profound dedication to the holistic well-being of children and families.

As we navigate our own transitions, her insights remind us of the immeasurable value in finding our community—a supportive network that propels us forward, nurtures our passions, and helps us evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Episode Highlights:

  • Intro to Kristen Adkins.
  • Kristen’s journey through Foster Care, Adoption, & Respite.
  • Homeschooling and the role it played.
  • What Kristen is doing now.
  • Finding your community.

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