Educational Games We Love!

Educational games are a great way to engage students, while also having FUN! At Love Your School, we’ve put together a great list of educational games that we love, and we think you might enjoy them, too!

1. Peaceful Kingdom

Peaceful Kingdom games are known for their cooperative learning and engagement. These games are typically geared towards younger kids ages 4 – 8, and are beautifully designed and easy to play. Bonus: if you lose pieces, simply email Peaceful Kingdom and they will send you replacements! Two of our favorites are “Hoot Owl, Hoot” and “Count Your Chickens” . These games are reasonably priced at around $12 – $18 each.

AGE: 4 – 7

2. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride has become a classic and well – loved board game by families everywhere. Now with a variety of additional options (like “Europe” or “New York”) your family is sure to find one they love. Designed for kids ages 8 and above, Ticket to Ride is a great option for practicing reading and critical thinking skills. This game is pricier than other options at $35, but the game itself is sturdy, well designed, and will provide hours of fun.

AGE 8+

3. Proof

Proof is a fast paced game of mental magic. Designed for kids ages 9 – 109, Proof comes with 100 card and helps players improve their mental math skills while practicing multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and square roots. If your child is struggling to memorize their math facts, this is a great game to consider playing together!

AGE 9+

4. Silly Street

Silly Street is an interactive and multi-sensory game for kids ages 4+. While some might miss this game and categorize it other than educational, we think that games which promote sensory learning and physical activity can build emotional strength and character, so we wanted to include it! This game is highly rated by parents and at $15, it’s a wonderful game for families to add to their collection.

AGE 4+

5. The World Game

The World Game is a geography card game for kids ages 7 and up. It has all 194 recognized countries and teaches geography facts to players in a fun and educational way. It is a trivia game, so newer readers may need some assistance playing. This could also be a really fun set of cards to enjoy in the car on a long trip or vacation! At $27.99, it is on the more expensive end, but we think it’s worth the well – researched cards and educational facts that your kids will be memorizing.

AGE 7+

6. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel by Educational Insights, is just as fun to play as it sounds. Kids ages 3+ love this game, which helps them learn to follow directions, color sort, and also practice fine motor skills. The game is quick and fun, great for preschoolers and older siblings to enjoy together. At $15, it’s another great game to add to your collection for early learners.

AGE 3+

7. Richard Scarry’s BusyTown Mystery

Based on the popular books and show, Richard Scarry’s BusyTown Mystery is a wonderfully fun “eye spy” type of game that teaches kids to work collaboratively and develop critical skills like attention to detail, matching, and object identification. The game is team work based and provides opportunity for hours of play and re-use, since kids can have a new experience each time they play. This is another classic board game that kids will love. Available for around $25 depending on the retailer.

AGE 3+

8. Guess in Ten

Skillmatics has a variety of Guess in Ten games, and here we are featuring Cities Around the World. These games are designed for kids ages 8+, and $14, they help kids have fun while hitting key concepts like geography. Players get to ask up to ten questions to guess the city on the card, which teaches kids to think critically and learn how to develop social and communication skills, as well as problem solving and creative thinking.

AGE 8+

9. No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess is one of the best and fastest ways to teach Chess to kids and adults alike! With a board that shows where the pieces can move, and playing cards that are easy to read and direct players, you and your family will learn all the basic skills and information needed to begin playing and enjoying this important game! At $15 online, this is a wonderful game to begin with kids ages 4 and above.

AGE 4+

10. Super Math Spy

Super Math Spy is a “speedy game of math” designed for kids ages 7+ and helps develop mental math, numerical operations and equations, problem solving and quick thinking. Plus, this game comes with some really fun glasses that kids get to wear while playing, which is always a win!

AGE 7+

- Jenny Clark

Founder & Executive Director

Arizona native and mother of five, Love Your School Founder Jenny Clark knows full well the unique variations in how children learn. Jenny grew up in Arizona, attended her local district school from K-12, and then continued on to the University of Arizona and received a BSBA in Business Economics.

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