The Socratic Experience

The Socratic Experience is not the typical online school. Its programs are based on the Socratic method—a dialog between instructor and students characterized by constantly probing questions that uncover a student’s underlying beliefs that form their perspective and opinions. This approach to learning helps children and teens develop their unique genius and prepares them for success in the 21st century.

The Socratic Experience is the meaningful, purpose-driven education most wish we had. Combined with classical education and self-directed learning, Socratic intellectual inquiry brings together the best of classical and contemporary literature and teaches students how to analyze these texts to draw out evidence-based interpretations. . 

Daily group conversations on how we can be our best selves and manage the challenges of being a responsible, thoughtful human being complements the reading.  Young people are being asked to find themselves in the challenging environment of today. We facilitate that goal by developing a peer culture in which the norm is that each member of our community is a purpose-driven young person who owns their own education in light of goals that are valuable to them. 

About Michael Strong, founder of The Socratic Experience:

According to LanguageHumanities.org, “The Socratic Method is one of the oldest and most powerful approaches to teaching and developing critical thinking skills. By removing pretenses of certainty, the method aims to provoke a deeper understanding of any subject matter. Basically, you must question everything; leave no possibility untouched.”

According to ALU

It helps develop critical thinking skills.
It gets students ready to think quickly.
It forces students to be prepared and attentive.

A school for students who hate going to school but who love learning.

How does it work?

Teachers don’t lead students to a particular understanding of a text or idea. Rather, students have a mentor who provides encouragement, fosters discussion among peers, and provides insight — but the learning is student-led.

This allows students to seek out answers, have a deeper understanding of the material, and develop strong critical thinking and language skills that are vital to every career path. There is equal weight given to STEM topics as well as liberal arts, making sure all subjects are covered.

The Socratic Experience is eligible for ESA coverage. 

Socratic Practice as Disruptive Innovation
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