How Arizona ESA parents use Outschool to level-up their homeschool

Education Spending Accounts (ESAs) give families autonomy and more choice in the education of their children. This allows parents to “unbundle” their children’s education and select the best options “a la carte” from a wide variety of educational providers. 

Outschool, an education platform that provides live online classes for kids ages 3-18 led by experienced teachers, is uniquely positioned to serve ESA parents looking for high quality learning experiences for their children. 8,000+ vetted educators with over one million 5-star reviews teach classes on any subject, for any skill level. 

Parents who add Outschool to their schooling plan can quickly and confidently connect their children with small-group and 1-on-1 classes that match their unique goals, needs, and interests. Arizona ESA families use Outschool in a number of different ways to supplement schooling, such as:

  • Adding teachers to their homeschooling team
  • Exploring special interests with other kids and expert educators
  • Getting personalized academic instruction for neurodivergent needs

Let’s take a closer look at how families use their ESA funds to meet learning goals and expand their child’s education with Outschool classes.

Build a learning team

Many parents use Outschool to get help teaching subjects that they may not be proficient in or interested in teaching. Their 10-year-old daughter is ready to tackle pre-algebra, for example, or their dyslexic child needs support from an expert in the Orton-Gillingham method. For rural families in particular, Outschool can be a lifesaver, connecting families with passionate, experienced teachers (a Chinese teacher or coding instructor, for example) who it might be challenging or cost-prohibitive to find locally.

Inspire a unique interest

One of the joys of homeschooling is shaping your instruction to the interests of your child. But what happens when your child wants to learn something out of left field? 

Jessica, a self described “eclectic-ish” homeschool mom in Arizona, uses her ESA funds on activities that complement her child-centered practice. Jessica sparks an interest by having her children listen to an engaging podcast or reading a book. Recently, they dove deep into physics after listening to a podcast on how waterslides work. Jessica focuses on teaching her children how to learn and develop core skills, so her son suggested they look on Outschool for classes that would teach him how to understand forces by building ramps for his Hotwheels cars.  

From engineering, to the ethics of artificial intelligence, to the science of farts (a surprisingly popular—if wacky—Outschool class), Outschool “has a class for that”. 

Plus, many homeschool families have found that Outschool helps build community by connecting learners with peers who share the same unique interests. With weekly ongoing classes, Outschool learners are building community and connection with like-minded peers around the world. For a busy homeschool parent, it’s nice to have a break to tackle other key to-dos, while your child is happily engaged in an Outschool class. 

Tailor instruction to neurodivergent needs

For neurodivergent learners, Outschool has thousands of classes designed for their needs. From classes for learners with dysgraphia to executive functioning coaching for learners with ADHD, Arizona ESA families can find additional support for their children on Outschool. These cost-effective classes are a nice complement to private school or micro school courses, as well. 

Bonus! Outschool is auto-approved for purchase for AZ ESA families. With no wait time for approval, you can find engaging classes at affordable prices and enroll today! Reach out to support@outschool.com with any questions!

- Love Your School

Founder & Executive Director

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